Catalyft® - Business Opportunity & Coaching Certification Program
Proprietary Intellectual Property & Certification 
Catalyft® Success System, Inc. (CSS) is a platform for Entrepreneurs to facilitate Peer Advisory Boards & Business Coaching through our Proprietary Certification Program. All Certified Catalyft Coaches must be properly licensed by CSS and have completed the CSS 5-day Catalyft Certification & Training to use the IP (see agreement for complete details)

Getting Started - How to become a Certified Catalyft® Facilitator & Coach? It's easy:
1. Interview to become a Certified Catalyft® Facilitator & Coach
2. Complete the Catalyft Agreement & submit licensing fees
4. Launch your own business

Your journey begins by attending the Catalyft® Certification & Training Week:
After submitting your agreement and licensing fees, choose a Catalyft Certification & Training Week. You will join our leadership team and other Catalyft Partners in this powerful and transformational week of experiencing the Catalyft Certification Program. 
  • Getting Started Guide - We begin on Monday morning with the Getting Started Guide. First we get clear about your overall goals and visions for your business and walk you through a step-by-step process to develop and launch your business effectively. We cover everything from choosing your business name, logo, and branding, to developing the specific back stage and front stage opportunities needed for technology and marketing and  how to build your business around our "single point of entry" referral based marketing plan. 
  • Intro Workshop - On Monday afternoon, you will experience the Catalyft Intro Workshop live. We teach you the concepts of The Pinnacle Success System, our proven marketing model, and  we articulate each step of the presentation in the Facilitator Guide so that you can effectively duplicate the proven process. "All roads lead to the Intro Workshop!"
  • Peer Advisory Boards - Next, you will experience a Peer Advisory Board meeting. First, we review the Facilitator Guide, and we share our specific process and actual experiences about every part of the process from starting your first board, how to choose the members of your board, dates & times for hosting your boards, our 1-3-5-7-10 proven process for adding people to your boards, how personality styles affect the energy and productivity of the boards, and how to use the published Peer Advisory Board Workbook to consistently facilitate powerful board meeting experiences. We integrate Pinnacle Gift, Pinnacle Productivity, Pinnacle Offering and Pinnacle Process into every aspect of our model and have developed 36 Education Topics for our Catalyft Coaches to use as part of the Peer Advisory Board experience. You will learn everything you need to launch, grow, and facilitate powerful Peer Advisory Boards using the proven Catalyft model.
  • Next Level Boards - Next, we will take you through a Next Level Board meeting, which is designed for business owners who have already been successful in their business and looking to take their business and life to the Next Level. These are usually $1 million plus businesses with more complexity and feel stuck with traditional "more, better, faster" advice. They are seeking new awareness and new possibilities for success.
  • Dinner - On Monday evening, we host a dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants with all of our Certification Week participants. Our intention is to foster a positive, abundant, and family-oriented environment for everyone to get to know each other on a more personal level and set the energy for a powerful ongoing Catalyft Partner Community.
  • Coaching Certification - Tuesday morning, we focus specifically on the "Catalyft Coaching for Success" workbook. In this session, we build a solid foundation around our Coaching model, clearly articulate what coaching is and isn't, teach specifically about the proven methods that are critical to our model, give fully scripted questions and dialog to assist in formulating your unique coaching conversation, and facilitate a group and individual drill for skill coaching experience. Our Coaches say the integration of our entire proprietary program is what they find most powerful and unique.
  • Pinnacle Gift - Tuesday afternoon we begin taking the participants through The Pinnacle Success System, starting with Pinnacle Gift. This course is the foundation of all that we teach in our program and offers a powerful insight for all of our Catalyft Coaches. Teaching from both the Participant Manual and Facilitator Guide, it is our intention to have each participant gain a true understanding of the material by experiencing it first hand. We lead the course just as our Coaches do with clients. In Pinnacle Gift you will experience a series of exercises and group coaching leading you to a clearly defined Pinnacle Gift Statement.
  • Pinnacle Productivity - Wednesday morning, we lead the course Pinnacle Productivity. Like Pinnacle Gift, we teach from both the Participant Manual and Facilitator Guide so that you experience the course first as a participant, and through this hands-on experience we teach you how to facilitate this experience with your clients.  Participants walk away from this course with a new relationship with time and productivity, an ongoing methodology of being accountable to your highest and best decisions, and a proven model to earn more, with more free time, and enjoying the journey.
  • Pinnacle Offering - Wednesday afternoon, we continue to Pinnacle Offering. Again, we teach from both the Participant Manual and Facilitator Guide allowing you to have a first hand experience of the course as a participant, and also have the Facilitator Guide to refer back to at any time. We designed the Facilitator Guide of each course to give you specific language and steps to introduce the workshop, timing suggestions for each section and slide of the course, the background of what is being communicated in each section, and how to articulate a consistent message through Peer Advisory Boards, Courses, Coaching, and Strategy.
  •  Pinnacle Process - Thursday morning, we lead participants through the 4th course in The Pinnacle Success System, Pinnacle Process. This course is the capstone course for the small business owners we coach, and we interview them prior to insure they are ready for this next big step. In this section, we teach you as a Catalyft Coach how to lead and facilitate a proven process for any business owner to develop proprietary intellectual property around their proven model. Congratulations! At this point in the week, you have completed all 4 courses in The Pinnacle Success System.
  • Strategy Intensives & Success Accelerator Process - Thursday afternoon, we lead you through one of the most powerful experiences for you and your clients called Strategy Intensives. Coaching is typically designed around small incremental shifts in a 60 - 90 minute coaching session, which is incredibly important for course correction. What we noticed was missing for most entrepreneurs was a serious "1 or 2 day Work Hard Once" session to get intense clarity about what course they actually want to focus on. In this session, we lead you through our Strategy Intensive model, and give you examples and instructions to implement these powerful days with your clients.
  • Dinner - On Thursday evening, we host another dinner, this time for all participants and their spouses/partners. By this time in the Certification Week, our new Catalyft Coaches have bonded in a powerful way and are sharing insights, awareness, and encouragement with each other. We believe in community and emphatically foster this open, supportive, and abundant mentality in all of our Catalyft Partners.  This dinner is a time to celebrate the week, involve our spouses/partners, and share success stories and breakthroughs from the week.
  • Marketing Guide - Q&A - Launch - Friday is designed to make sure you have everything you need to succeed. We take all that you have learned during the Certification Week and help you develop an action plan for effective execution. We review the marketing guide, business resources, social media options, best practices from other Catalyft Partners, and  lead an open session for Q&A to review or get clarity about any section of the Certification Week and Launching your business.  We handout our Goals & Intentions Worksheet and each new Catalyft Coach  is encouraged to set specific 30 day and 90 day goals to Launch your business. 
  • Graduation & Celebration -  We close the week with insights and awareness and celebrate each new Certified Catalyft Coach. Each new Certified Catalyft Coach will receive a matted and framed diploma from Catalyft certifying them as a Catalyft® Coach.
  • More Good News - It doesn't stop here. All active Certified Catalyft® Coaches are Catalyft® Partners and are encouraged to participate in our ongoing Catalyft® Partner community.

Catalyft® Success System, Inc.
Owner License:  (see agreement for complete details) 
  • 1 Owner license for a named Licensee
  • 1 Catalyft Certification & Training Week credit (5-day Catalyft Certification including lunches & 2 dinners)
  • 6 Workbooks and  10 Facilitator Guide package as defined in the agreement
  • Ability to purchase Catalyft® Workbooks and Materials
  • Ability to purchase additional Associate Licenses
Purchase Additional Workbooks:
Our publications are available for purchase by our Catalyft certified coaches. 

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